My Song is My Weapon

A few years back when shit was getting extra crazy and Scott Walker was breaking up teacher’s unions and banks had torn down our country with the help of paid shills posing as representatives of the people, Kevin Hoetger and I created a site called Protest

The idea was that anyone could upload free, public domain, protest songs that would hopefully flow through a building resistance against big money stealing our democracy and dividing us through racism, homophobia, etc. 


We put it up and did pretty well, getting 25 thousand downloads of our titular track “Public Domain Protest Song.” My favorite was “There Must be Something in the Water.” The site is still there. There’re tons of great tracks from many great artists.

But then we all got busy, Obama led a fairly okay economic recovery with over 80 straight months of job growth and despite historic opposition from the Republican Party we actually passed a little bit of bank reform. And everything seemed not great but decent…

My God were we wrong.


November 8, 2016 was the day Donald Trump won the electoral college vote and dropped into American Democracy like a camel turd into a juliene salad. And the feces has been hitting the fan ever since.

We were stunned, disheartened and angry. 

Enter, the wildly talented, energetic and mercurial Jill Sobule with an idea similar but more evolved than Protest My Song is My Weapon.

What had been a vague corruptness hanging onto our country like mold had now become a sentient orange monster. A resistence movement instantly formed with the Million Woman March in DC. Any movement has many parts: information, media, protests, the courts, voting and yes…. culture and music. It was time to get behind Jill and MSiMW. 

So with that in mind Blak English and myself are proud to present the first collaboration with My Song is My Weapon: Behold The Shit Show.

If you like it, pass it on. If you don’t, please, please show us how it’s done. Submit your your protest art. We hope this moves you to action.

Never give up, stay strong and brave and see you on the streets!

Adam McKay Adam McKay